The list of surgeries we implement is wide. It includes surgeries connected with various problems of the nose – rhinoplasty, septoplasty, hard maxillofacial surgeires, oral, salivary glands, soft tissues of face and neck, treatment of odontogenic inflammations of the maxillary sinusitis using standard and endoscopic methods. But we are going to introduce the aesthetical scope of our activities.


Thanks to the rhinoplasty we change not only the shape of the nose of a person but also the inner expressions. You become more confident. After rhinoplasty the best stylists of the country will work with our beauties and they will transform you for the photoshoot.



Years of experience and continuous improvement of knowledge in the scope of maxillofacial plastic surgery, that bring brilliant results. We provide detailed consultation with the patients taking into consideration the specifications of their look, aesthetics preferences and expectations. This is how the result becomes harmonic and natural. We take care of our patients from the very first consultation until the surgery and following rehabilitation period.



Today the plastic surgery and rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. Methods and approaches are improving and new technologies provide sharpness and softness of the surgeries. Thanks to the teamwork of the doctor and highly qualified team, the patients of our clinic make their desires come true. The most important thing is to understand that rhinoplasty is not only for the aesthetic correction of the nose and health improvement but also it brings inner harmony confidence. This may be the main motivation for the surgery. It is important to understand whether the surgery will bring the inner harmony and confidence. If the answer is yes, then you should not worry about anything – everything else is our job.
Plastic surgery is art, the art of transforming the life.


High quality and safety of the services. Advanced clinical facilities Original technologies and advanced methods Modern and comfortable hospital for in-patients Achievement of the best results Experienced team of doctors under leadership of one of the best surgeons in the country


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